The Natural Light Solution

About Us

Natural sunlight is good for us. Sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. It improves our immune system and helps to regulate many of our bodily processes. It increases our sense of well-being, alertness, ability to learn, attitude, happiness, and productivity. People function better in a natural environment.

Due to our schedules, work, and family commitments – we just can’t enjoy the sunlight as much as we could or should. Until now, man-made methods of normal lighting have been less than ideal, sometimes even detrimental.

  •         • Uneven light spectrum leaves out the needed portions of light

  •         • Softech’s LED Lamp’s CRI* is 90+, reproducing a natural type of light source

  •         • Flickering light causes eye strain, reduced concentration, and other issues

  •         • They generate heat decreasing comfort and sometimes causing burns

  •         • They are inefficient using too much electrical power

Until now there has not been a complete solution.