About us

A Culture of Excellence and Commitment

A History of Advanced Technology & Commitment to Customers

Softech-LED is an organization dedicated to the delivery of high performance, value engineered lighting systems. Our team is staffed with technical, logistical, and consumer value experts to assure that we develop, find, and produce the finest component and lighting systems for the supply to our customers in North America.

Since 2000, our history has long been in GREEN and High Value technologies. We were the first to bring a recycled, green material from Asia to the United States for use in high performance automotive applications. We also support innovative AVN (Audio-Video-Navigation) systems, test equipment, and other similar products. We have ALWAYS looked for a better way, with a better product, that would deliver MORE VALUE for our customers, the environment, and our lives. Our experience in materials, electronics, and value engineering continues to give opportunities to serve our global community, including our families.

Our sales and engineering offices are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan near the University of Michigan. We utilize regional and academic resources to provide the best value and technology for our customers.

Production Capabilities

Our production relationships are throughout Asia leveraging the best quality, cost, and delivery systems possible. We have team members assigned to production locations to assure our expectations are continually met and we develop the next best product to provide the quality and performance our customers demand.