Smart LED Desk Lamp



This Softech LED Desk lamp W/ Bluetooth Speaker, FM Radio and Hands Free is the new generation energy-saving and eco-friendly LED desk lamp.

4 Light Spectrum Modes: Reading, Study, Relaxation, and Bedtime to suite any need

5 Step Brightness Control in each mode, allowing adjustment for best comfort and use

Multi-Pivot Flexible Positioning design, occupies less space – 18″ tall, fits well with PC monitor, no glare reflects on screen

One Hour-Auto OFF timer function & USB charging port for phone, iPod, MP3 player, etc.

Price: $99.99




situational color temperature

DL-60BSH  series has new additional feature of color temperature control to select various situational mode and this feature can help users to maximize work efficacy. Color temperature of light Source, on the average, is up to 1500K (candlelight), 2800K (a home bulb) and 4500K-6500K (fluorescent light) depending on its kind. These color temperature and situational mode influence concentration and mental fatigue. DL-60BSH of SOFTECH supports functions of Reading, Study, Relaxation and Bedtime mode based on the effect of color temperature to human body

illumination with versatile talents all round led desk lamp

LED has no electronic waves when an existing light source repeatedly turns on and off, so it can help users to lessen fatigue of eyes. It also generates less heat. Therefore, there is no concern on the matters of heating up a room. One of the best benefits of using LED desk lamp is to create a better environment for students.

finding proper illuminance

DL-60BSh equipped highly sensitive touch sensor provides users with proper illuminance by adjusting brightness which support 7 steps of brightness and selecting color temperature depending on using environment. As eyes get easily tired to use lower illuminance, brightness control is the primary function of DL-60BSH desk lamp.

be convergence of it equipment and
led desk lamp

As the best LED desk lamp which reflected trend IT equipment, it has topnotch functions that can’t be incomparable with the others. DL-60BSH is embedded with “Bluetooth”, wireless communications, to enable to music, calling, answering, refusing and transferring, and also radio listening function is another advantage of DL-60BSH.

external speaker

Available for listening to music immediately as long as it’s connected. Enjoying music by headphone or earphone into 3.5 stereo jack, and it’s to output higher sounds by connecting external speaker with stereo jack. DL-60BSH is the best fusion desk lamp that users can always listen to music.

changes by fingertips

Available to control using one-touch panel located on the base. The light of power icon will remains unextinguished, so users can find the power button easily in the dark. 4 types of situational modes are adjustable. Press each button and change color temperature. Clock-shaped icon is automatic time switch..

usb & dc in 12v

Possible to recharge
various digital devices
such as MP & Mobile
phone throught USB
port supplying
(1.5A) power.

speaker volume

Retro style volume control,
Adjust volume turning
from side to side.

easy touch mode

Easy operating system for
everyone. Enable to control
color temperature, brightness
and even Fm radio listening
with a delicate touch.


Deliver a voice while talking
over the hand-free phone
using Bluetooth.

stereo headphone jack

Available for listing to music
by inserting headphone or
earphone inti 3.5 stereo jack,
and it’s also possible to output
higher sounds by connecting
external speaker with stereo jack.

design to read the stream of times

Considering the matters of Energy and environment becoming serious controversy, the main topic of design can be summarized as Eco-friendly, green growth and sustainable environment-friendly design. The LED desk lamp of SOFTECH saves power and it’s more efficient for light source utilization. Not too fancy, minimal concept product which excluded unnecessary element, it harmonizes with its using environment. Moreover the touch-keypads simply designed to be able to use easily are coming the pike as another emotion.

radio function increasing pleasure

Unlike most desk lamp, this one provides different functions. It is the function or radio. It allows users to listen to the radio by searching frequency that users preferred, and it is strongly recommended for students or workers exhausted from their job. The keyword called “fusion” nowadays becomes trend. DL60BSH is belowing a fresh breeze to the IT industry.