Do the magnets in the Magnetos mounts affect my smartphone?

No. The magnets in our Magnetos mounts will not affect your smartphone.

I use a case for my smartphone. Will your mounts still work?

Yes. Our mounts are designed to securely hold devices even with cases on them. However, please be aware that thicker cases may cause compatibility issues.

Will your mounts fit my car’s cd-slot?

Although our mounts are compatible with most vehicles, we haven’t been able to test every combination. Please keep this in mind when shopping, so you can choose a mounting option that works for you.

Can I still use my CD player even with Softech CD mount installed?

Although the CD players in certain cars may be used even with a mount installed, we DO NOT recommend it.

I was issued a refund, when will the funds come through?

Please allow some time for the refund to process. It can take a few days, but you should receive it shortly.

How can I review a Softech product?

We’re always looking for qualified reviewers to experience our products. If you’re interested in reviewing Softech product, please contact us at info@softechled.com. Please include the following to be considered:

  • Product(s) you are interested in featuring
  • URLs for your website, blog, Youtube channel, etc.
  • Monthly viewership (page views, video views, etc.)
  • Social media footprint (fans, followers, subscribers, etc.)
  • Preferred shipping address to receive your review samples